Could Gold Outperform Copper as Housing Cools?

View in your browser Could Gold Outperform Copper in 2023? By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist Erik Norland, Senior Economist CME Group A Historical Look at the Gold-Copper Price Relationship Gold and copper generally move in the same direction There have been periods of divergence caused by macroeconomic factors One unit of gold has bought as … Read More

Equities-Gold Trends; Implications of High Energy Costs in Europe, Asia

View in your browser Equities-Gold Trends Amid Inflation; High Natural Gas Costs By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist Erik Norland, Senior Economist CME Group Equities-Gold Trends  Equities are up 221-fold over the past century in U.S. dollar terms Over the same period, the U.S. dollar has slumped by 99% relative to gold Gold and equities have … Read More

State of the U.S. Economy; Neutral Interest Rate Policy

View in your browser By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist Arthur Yu, Manager, Data Science CME Group State of the U.S. Economy Economy contracted two straight quarters, but the labor market remains robust Air travel has rebounded from pre-pandemic low to 2.25 million passengers per day Credit card  spending is on an uptrend, rising above pre-pandemic levels … Read More

Supply Chain Disruptions Ease; Will Gold Gain on Silver?

View in your browser Supply Chain Woes Ease; Will Gold Gain on Silver? By Erik Norland, Senior Economist K.T. Arasu, Director of Economic Research CME Group Supply Chain Disruptions Easing  Global shipping rates are tumbling to near pre-pandemic levels Los Angeles-Shanghai freight has declined about 50% in six months Recreational spending has been on the uptrend … Read More

Now live: euro-denominated Bitcoin and Ether futures

Manage bitcoin and ether risk in your currency of choice Now live: Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures Enjoy greater transparency and flexibility to manage bitcoin and ether euro price risk with Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures, which settle to the CME CF Bitcoin-Euro and Ether-Euro Reference Rates. Like their U.S. dollar-denominated futures counterparts, … Read More