Bitcoin Futures- Volume and OI up in November

Bitcoin Futures: Volume and Open Interest (OI) Up in November

Participants turn to BTC contracts in uncertain markets

As bitcoin prices look to find steady ground, market participants utilized bitcoin futures to manage uncertainty.

The contract posted its second-best month in ADV terms, including a single-day trading record on November 20 of 14,490 contracts (72.5K equivalent bitcoin, or $307M notional).
November at a Glance:

  • 5,988 contracts in ADV ($145M notional or ~30K equivalent bitcoins), +141% vs. October
  • Average daily OI up to 3,395, +13% versus prior record established in July
  • Record 44 Large Open Interest Holders (LOIHs); +21% vs. October
  • Over 1,900 active accounts trading

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