X-Trader lets you simultaneously trade multiple markets from one fully customizable screen with superior speed, stability and accuracy.



  • React immediately to market ebb and flow with the MD Trader vertical market depth display
  • Customize the interface to fit your personal trading style
  • Execute trades with a single click
  • Access and trade multiple exchanges simultaneously
  • Control a group’s exposure to the market with pre-execution credit management controls
  • Diagnose problems instantly, and eliminate them from anywhere at any time with Super Guardian™
  • Link to Excel and other analytics
  • Make market orders, limit orders, multiple contract orders, calendar spreads, inter-product spreads and more
  • Enter specialized order contingencies such as GTC, FOK, IOC, Stops and more
  • Define and manage spreads
  • Access dynamic audit trail real-time fill and position details
  • View working orders, fills and market depth from a single window
  • See at a glance whether open positions are profitable relative to market conditions with average price highlighting
  • Make two-sided markets on any tradable instrument with market maker functionality

X_TRADER Pro has advanced capabilities and automated tools to extend the power of X_TRADER.

  • ADL™ (Algo Design Lab)
  • Autospreader®
  • Autotrader™

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