Portfolio Margining Expands to Include Ultra 10 and Fed Fund Futures

Recent enhancements to portfolio margining of futures and OTC Cleared Swaps strengthen the margin and capital efficiencies available for client CME interest rate portfolios. Effective October 3, CME Clearing added Fed Fund futures and Ultra 10-Year futures to the products eligible for portfolio margining. Learn about important interest rate updates in the latest Rates Recap. … Read More

NEW: Open Interest Heatmap by QuikStrike ®

Track the concentration of positions with the new Options Open Interest Heatmap Tool, which provides a dynamic view into the most active strikes. Available for all CME Group benchmark options, including Eurodollars, Crude Oil, S&P 500, Gold, Euro FX, Soybeans, etc. View put/call OI and volume distribution by strike and underlying expiry View OI and … Read More

New Research: Factors That Could Sway Equities, Gold and Silver Markets

Factors That Could Sway Equities, Gold and Silver Markets This Fall Lack of Volatility in Equities Set to End? Video Highlights:  Equities have been uneventful since Brexit vote in June Volatility could return if there is an event risk Two potential sources of volatility – U.S./European elections Gold & Silver: Fed Rate Hike Vs. Mine … Read More

EU Wheat now listed for trading on CBOT

View in your browser EU Wheat Futures and Options Starting today, capitalize on: Clear delivery rules and specifications, applying equally to all parties 16 approved warehouses across key wheat production areas Delivery via electronic warehouse certificates, providing flexibility and the ability to carry wheat across delivery months Margin offsets against CBOT SRW wheat, HRW Wheat and … Read More

What’s behind rising equities risks and why negative rates won’t work

Why Equities Risks are Rising and Negative Rates Won’t Work By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group  Equities Risks Rising as Earnings Growth Stagnates Video Highlights:  Equities risks rise amid lackluster earnings growth Companies increase debt in case of rate hike in 2016 September, October challenging months for equities Negative Rates: Not Needed, Not Helpful … Read More