Clearing and Execution

At Dorman Trading, we offer a wide range of services for futures traders, including clearing and allocation services and prompt documentation delivery. We understand the importance of speed and efficiency and have structured these services to achieve those results.


Clearing and Execution for Traders

Dorman Trading has over 30 years of experience executing trades on the floors of the exchanges and in electronic markets. We use the most efficient and effective order entry platforms and provide customers with fast and accurate fills at the best available prices. In execution and clearing, we are committed to providing superior services at all times. Whether we clear the trades or “give them up” we deliver quality service and allocation through our experienced trade desk and back office personnel.

CME Clearing: The Best Risk Management Starts with Security

In today’s market environment, effective risk management is a business imperative. CME Group believes its financial safeguards system, designed for the benefit and protection of both clearing members and their customers, is second to none.

A centralized clearing capability and comprehensive set of risk management services provide the security, transparency and confidence market participants need to operate, invest and grow.

Additionally, CME Group’s Audit Department routinely inspects the books and records of clearing members to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Performance bond requirements.
Twice daily mark-to-market process.
24-hour monitoring by an experienced risk-management team.

For questions related to Financial Safeguards, please contact CME Clearing at 312-930-1000. View additional resources on CME Group Clearing here.

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