Dorman Trading has over 30 years of experience executing trades on the floors of the exchanges and in the electronic markets. We use the most efficient and effective order entry platforms and provide our customers with fast and accurate fills at the best available prices.


In execution and clearing Dorman is committed to delivering reliable service at all times. Whether we clear the trades or “give them up” we strive to provide superior service and allocation through our experienced trade desk and back office personnel.

We provide Dorman customers the following services:

  • Telephone and/or Electronic Order Placement
  • Experienced, knowledgeable and courteous personnel
  • Excellent clearing and allocation services
  • Prompt give-up documentation service and circulation

You can choose from the myriad of trading platforms that we offer. Orders placed on any of our trading platforms route directly from your computer to an electronic trading market. We can help you find the appropriate order entry vehicle that suits your trading style and needs.

Our back office is staffed by seasoned clearing professionals. We offer fast and accurate clearing, average pricing and trade allocation.

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