All the Benefits of a Futures Contract with Interest Rate Swap Exposure

To more closely reflect the underlying MAC Swap exposure that Deliverable Swap Futures (DSFs) provide, CME Group’s DSFs will have a new name beginning 29 August: MAC Swap Futures. With a robust community of market participants and over 75% share of the USD-denominated swap futures market, CME Group’s MAC Swap Futures are the most vibrant … Read More

Economic Research: Oil Seeks Trading Range & ECB’s Challenges

Oil Seeks Trading Range & ECB’s Challenges By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist, CME Group  Awash in Oil, Market Searches for Trading Range Video Highlights: Oil market struggles to find a trading range Some cash-strapped producers ramp up supply U.S. summer gas prices weighed by ample supplies Shale oil output robust despite fewer U.S. rigs Brexit … Read More

Electronic volume +25% to nearly 2 million contracts per day

Access the June Options Review to stay informed about CME Group’s options complex, with the latest news, developments and trends, across all asset classes, to help you take advantage of every opportunity our options marketplace provides. Read More

NEW: Equity Index Futures vs. ETFs Total Cost Analysis Tool

Compare the all-in costs of replicating the S&P 500 using equity index futures versus exchange-traded funds using the new Equity Total Cost Analysis Tool. This tool focuses on three components of the total cost of trading – transaction, implementation and holding costs – and allows users to adjust inputs to fit specific investment situations and … Read More