Now live: euro-denominated Bitcoin and Ether futures

Manage bitcoin and ether risk in your currency of choice

Now live: Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures

Enjoy greater transparency and flexibility to manage bitcoin and ether euro price risk with Bitcoin Euro and Ether Euro futures, which settle to the CME CF Bitcoin-Euro and Ether-Euro Reference Rates. Like their U.S. dollar-denominated futures counterparts, the contracts are sized at five bitcoin and 50 ether, respectively.
  • Multiple ways to trade: Trade electronically through CME Globex or bilaterally via blocks and EFRPs.
  • Potential margin offsets: Enjoy the efficiency of futures and save on potential margin offsets across our suite of Cryptocurrency futures and options.
  • Transparent marketplace: Like all CME Group Cryptocurrency products, these contracts are CFTC-regulated, allowing for transparency, centralized trading, and reduced counterparty risk.
View details and quotes for Bitcoin Euro futures and Ether Euro futures.