Oil’s new challenges and did QE boost gold, silver and tech stocks?

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Oil’s new challenges and did QE boost gold, silver, and tech stocks?

By Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group

New Layers of Uncertainty in Oil

  • Consumer spending in transportation sector 45% below pre-pandemic level.
  • Oil demand also hurt by airline traffic, remaining 70% below normal.
  • Energy demand hinges on how virus courses through global economy.
  • Oil inventories are high, along with diesel and heating oil supplies.
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QE Link to Gold, Silver, and Tech Stocks?

  • Pace of growth in Fed’s massive quantitative easing has slowed.
  • Gold, silver, and tech stocks retreated from highs after slowdown.
  • These asset classes began rising earlier this year when Fed expanded QE.
  • If equities correct further, will Fed be obliged to ramp up asset purchases?
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