Shifting Demographics and Rising Debt Levels

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Shifting Demographics and Rising Debt Levels

By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist
Erik Norland, Senior Economist
CME Group

Demographic Changes Realign Economic Priorities

  • ​​​​​​Nations with young populations focus on job creation as top economic priority.
  • Health and wealth are twin pillars of aging nations with stagnant labor force.
  • Lack of labor force growth could lead to higher wages in non-scalable industries.
  • Demographic changes could determine economic priorities in mature nations.
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Public and Private Sector Debt Rises Globally

  • ​​​​​​Debt levels have risen by over 40% relative to GDP in U.S., Japan, Canada.
  • Massive fiscal spending lifted U.S. government borrowing to over 20% of GDP.
  • China’s household/corporate debt grew faster than government borrowings.
  • Debt ratios could decline as the pace of economies reopening quickens.
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