Power traders like the ease and speed of Dorman Direct, powered by CTS.


T4 Sniper – client side application that allows you to create, chart and trade custom spreads.
Options Pro – Advanced Option capabilities with trading sheets, analyzer, heat map, create UDS, RFQ and more
Order Templates – create and save Multi Exit OCO and Standard Batch orders.
– Multi Exit OCO purpose is to create a relationship of orders with a predefined set of profit and loss targets
– Standard Batch purpose is to simplify repeated patterns in order submission
Spread matrix – display multiple months of a given contract with different views such as Calendar spreads, Butterflies and Condor strategies.
MOC orders (Market on Close) – select a time to start and stop an order and how many orders to make up the quantity you want to execute.
Order Counts – total number of orders that make up the volume at any given price.
Market Mode Countdown – display in seconds how long before the next market mode change, ie the number of seconds before preopen or close.

T4 Mobile for Android – Real time quotes, contract windows, charts, order book and quote boards. Download from Google Play Store or Amazon App Store

For additional information on CTS features please click on the Wiki link: http://www.ctsfutures.com/wiki/