Trading themes; will gold outperform equities?

Top trading themes and is gold about to outperform equities?

By Blu Putnam, Chief Economist & Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group

Is gold about to outperform equities?

  • Gold has outperformed equities over the past year, reversing a 7-year trend
  • Fed rates cuts could herald a USD bear market, a bullish factor for gold
  • Could lower interest rates allow equities to sustain decade-long bull market?
  • Equities perform well during times of stability, the opposite is true for gold
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Seven themes to ponder as we head for 2020

  • US recession in corporate profits likely, but no economic downturn
  • Gold prices depend more on future Fed rate cuts than global tensions
  • Middle East’s sway over oil prices limited by surging US shale supply
  • Are bond yields trending lower due to overestimation of US inflation?
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