Safety of Funds

The funds in your account with Dorman Trading are held as “Customer Segregated” funds. Our principal bank is Harris, NA, a subsidiary of BMO Financial Group of Toronto Canada. The segregated funds that we hold at Harris are primarily invested in U.S. Treasury Bills, with the remainder in cash or deposited with the CME as margin deposits. The T Bills at Harris are specifically identified to Dorman Trading, and on Dorman Tarding’s books they are specifically identified to customers that have asked us to invest their funds.

This segregated account structure protects you from suffering a loss, should your broker, clearing firm, Dorman Trading, or Harris file for bankruptcy. This means that your funds on deposit are not subject to any offset, indebtedness, obligation, or the liabilities of any other entity. These regulations are in place so that neither your clearing firm, Dorman Trading, nor Harris can dip into customer segregated funds to offset losses elsewhere.

In the interest of transparency, please find links below to recent Dorman Trading’s audited financial results.

Also, you can view Dorman Trading’s most recent monthly financials.