Research: Post-Brexit Aftershocks on the Horizon

View in your browser Post-Brexit Aftershocks on the Horizon By Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group  Highlights:  More aftershocks likely from Brexit vote in June Tremors could stir dormant euro bear market Will London be threatened as financial hub? Polls in 2017 could change Europe’s political landscape Read Full Article

Wednesday Weekly Options: Where opportunity and precision meet halfway

Wednesday Weekly Options on S&P 500 and E-mini S&P 500 futures (launched September 26, 2016) expire on the Wednesday each week, providing additional flexibility for participants to tailor their market exposure based on anticipated and potentially market-moving events. Wednesday options are structured in the now tried-and-true design of the Weekly and End-of-Month equity index options … Read More

New Research: Tell-Tale Signs in U.S. Oil Inventories

Oil: Tell-Tale Signs in U.S. Inventories By Erik Norland, Senior Economist, CME Group U.S. oil inventories still growing, but at a slower pace Oil stocks growing faster than those of its products Crude oil production has fallen 10% since peaking in 2015 Any increase in crude output could widen crack spreads Read Full Article

Invoice Swap Spread Trading Up 35%

Invoice Swap Spread Trading Up 35% Increased volume, improved execution flexibility and new capital savings Invoice Swap Spreads using CBOT Treasury futures provide customers with a flexible, off-balance-sheet alternative to spreading swaps versus cash treasuries. Product Highlights: Growing customer interest, with $5.8 billion notional (58K contracts) traded daily in H2 2016 as Exchange for Risk (EFR) transactions, … Read More

EU Wheat surpasses 50,000 contracts traded

View in your browser EU Wheat Trading Update In 30 trading days… 50,967 EU Wheat Futures (WEU) contracts traded (2,548,350 metric tons) ADV of 2,884 last week, +45% WoW Open interest of 4,514 contracts, +35% WoW Trading now extends out to March 2018 EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Sign up for daily commentary and analysis from AgResource WEU Quotes